The Book of Psalms

Psalm 58

To the Overseer. -- 'Destroy not.' -- A secret treasure, by David. Is it true, O dumb one, righteously ye speak? Uprightly ye judge, O sons of men?

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Even in heart ye work iniquities, In the land the violence of your hands ye ponder.

The wicked have been estranged from the womb, They have erred from the belly, speaking lies.

Their poison [is] as poison of a serpent, As a deaf asp shutting its ear,

Which hearkeneth not to the voice of whisperers, A charmer of charms most skilful.

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O God, break their teeth in their mouth, The jaw-teeth of young lions break down, O Jehovah.

They are melted as waters, They go up and down for themselves, His arrow proceedeth as they cut themselves off.

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As a snail that melteth he goeth on, [As] an untimely birth of a woman, They have not seen the sun.

Before your pots discern the bramble, As well the raw as the heated He whirleth away.

The righteous rejoiceth that he hath seen vengeance, His steps he washeth in the blood of the wicked.

And man saith: 'Surely fruit [is] for the righteous: Surely there is a God judging in the earth!'

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