Job, Chapter 17

My spirit is broken, my days are ended, the graves [are] ready for me.

[Are] not mockeries with me? Yea, my eye rests on their insults.

Please lay down a pledge for me with Yourself; who [is] he [who] will strike hands with me?

For You have hidden their heart from understanding; therefore You shall not lift [them] up.

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He who for a share informs [against] friends, even the eyes of his children shall fail.

He has made me also a byword of the peoples; and I am one in whose face they spit.

My eye also is dim from grief; and all my members [are] like a shadow.

Upright ones shall be amazed at this, and the innocent shall stir himself up against the ungodly.

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The righteous also shall hold [on] his way, and he who has clean hands adds strength.

And now all of them, go back, and please come again; and I shall not find among you a wise man.

My days are past, my purposes [are] broken off, the desires of my heart.

They set night for day; the light [is] near in the face of darkness.

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If I wait for the grave [as] my home, I have made my bed in the darkness;

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I have said to corruption, You [are] my father; to the worm, My mother and my sister!

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And where then [is] my hope? And [as for] my hope, who shall see it?

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They shall go down [to] the bars of the pit, when [our] descent together [is] in the dust.

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